Facebook has now added some of the most highly requested features to its news reader app Paper. The new updates seem to be designed to bring more users to the platform like sharing features as well as others like language and audio options.

While Paper looks to be latching on to a fair sized group of Facebook users, it appears as though the attach rate began to fizzle out to some degree after the initial buzz dropped off. Now Facebook has added new options for sharing Paper content via texts, email and Facebook Message that will automatically include a link pointing the receiver to download the app: "Shared from Paper. fb.com/trypaper"

Facebook has also added the ability to create Paper content "in languages that use multi-stage input, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean." Even though Paper is currently only available in the US, people fluent in these types of languages will likely appreciate the functionality. Another new addition is the ability to mute the app's sound effects, which is handy for those that prefer to listen to music or something along those lines while using the app.

Facebook said that these features are among some of the most highly requested by Paper users, which currently sits as the 28th top US social networking app. Once sitting at the number two spot on the App Store (behind Flappy Bird), it is currently number 290, according to App Annie. While Facebook certainly wants as many users as possible on its Paper app, it appears to be designed for a smaller number of its total user base, reports say that Facebook said it doesn't have specific download projections at the moment and that it's still focused on improving the overall experience and content curation among other things.