The next big thing in music is here according to Samsung. The company on Friday announced a new streaming music service called Milk. It's a bit unique in that it is free to download, free to use (no ads) and doesn't require users to log in.

Samsung worked with Slacker to develop the service which launches with some 200 radio stations and 13 million songs on tap. It uses a circular dial similar to classic analog radio dials. Simply slide your finger around the dial to "tune in" to various genres of music. If you find a channel that you like, you can then run your finger along the inside of the dial to select different channels within the genre.

The user interface was designed to be easy to use - something that's apparently a problem with other services. Samsung's Ryan Bidan said there is a group of consumers that haven't engaged yet in mobile music because current services are too hard to understand and people don't like advertising while consumers that have taken the plunge have been dissatisfied with the experience thus far.

The service will initially be available for the Galaxy S III and S4, the Galaxy Note II and Note 3, the Galaxy Mega, the Galaxy S4 Mini and will be ready for the Galaxy S5 when it launches on April 11. It's available through Google Play and Samsung is considering bringing it to competing devices as well according to Daren Tsui, vice president of music at Samsung Media Solutions.