Longtime aftermarket GPU cooling specialist Arctic recently launched a new series of coolers that include a patented backside cooler. The passive heatsink is designed to efficiently cool RAM and voltage regulators for longer service life with the potential for higher clock rates.

The new coolers include the Accelero Xtreme IV and the Accelero Xtreme IV 280(X) with 300 watts of cooling capacity, the Accelero Twin Turbo III rated for up to 250 watts and the Accelero Hybrid II-120 for cards up to 320 watts.

Each model is compatible with a variety of graphics cards from both Nvidia and AMD including the GTX Titan Black and the R9 290X. A complete compatibility list can be found under the technical data tab for each card on Arctic's website.

In a statement on the matter, the Switzerland-based company points out that in addition to the aforementioned benefits, the backside cooler is installed without the use of thermal glue. This means the card it is used on could be returned to its original configuration without any indication that an aftermarket cooler was ever used.

Most other RAM and voltage regulator heatsinks have to be glued in place and thus, the card can't be returned to its factory state. That can present a problem should you need to RMA the card while still under warranty.

Pricing starts at $79.95 for the Accelero Twin Turbo III and tops out at $129.95 for the Accelero Hybrid II-120.