Apple is readying a new 8GB iPhone 5c for launch, according to various reports today. The rumors surfaced when an email from German mobile carrier O2 sent to its employees detailed the new device.

The email has been widely reported on and contains details on the pricing structure for the new device along with a barcode identifying it as a blue 8GB iPhone. The new model will cost around $85 (60 euros) less than the current 16GB version, according to the leaked internal O2 email.

Many feel this would be a move that makes sense for Apple with regards to a push for price effective options, but appear to be a little apprehensive towards an iPhone with only 8GB of flash. Apple would seemingly stand to profit quite a lot from a move of this type, considering there would be very little alteration in the manufacturing process and that it would likely bring down the company's overall cost to a certain extent.

Reports suggest that, depending on the device's reception in Europe, it is likely to launch everywhere, and possibly get revealed tomorrow. Although nothing has been officially confirmed for tomorrow at this point, with both the O2 email and images of the 8GB 5c's packaging now online, the device is likely something we will be hearing more about.