Samsung has taken on not one, not two, but all three of its high-profile competitors in the latest advertisement for its own Galaxy Tab Pro tablet line-up. The ad talks down Apple's iPad, Microsoft's Surface, and Amazon's Kindle, just to show that Samsung tablets can do more than other tablets.

Samsung mocks the iPad's apparent inability to do multiple things at once, something which the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is capable of thanks to multitasking mode. It then takes a jab at Microsoft pointing out the Surface's identity crisis when a woman asks a man to move his laptop. "It's actually a tablet," he responds, much to the amusment of the woman and another man who poke fun at the attached battery dock, mouse and keyboard.

The ad then takes a dig at Amazon's Kindle suggesting that the tablet is only for books, before taking one last shot at Apple and its "retina thingy", when the woman in the ad realizes her friend's Samsung tablet actually looks better becuase it has more pixels than her iPad.

Samsung has never been shy about trash talking its competitors in ads and this is no exception. Whether you agree with them or not it's a fun commercial to watch. Equally amusing, though, is Samsung's small print disclaimer noting that its multi-window multitasking software doesn't work with all apps.