Google has launched a new app called Photowall that allows a group to create a "public" collage on a nearby TV via Chromecast. The idea is to create a live and continuously updating interactive photo frame but interestingly enough, only iOS users can start a Photowall at present.

Once a collage is live, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can contribute to the collage via a specific URL in Chrome.

The app can obviously be used by just a single person should they want to turn their television into a framed piece of artwork or by a group of people for a birthday party, baby shower or other special occasion. And in addition to simply uploading photos, users can also draw or annotate images before they are beamed over to the set for a bit of added creativity.

When the creator of the Photowall deems that sharing is complete, the app can automatically create a YouTube video so viewers can relive the live updates again and again as they came in.

The app is available free of charge for all iOS devices running version 6.0 or newer via the App Store. Interestingly enough, there doesn't appear to be an Android version of Photowall in the Google Play Store. Perhaps Google's intentions are to simply showcase the power of Chromecast to iOS users that might not yet have heard about the $35 dongle or maybe they just haven't got around to launching an Android variant just yet.