The delay of Watch Dogs may have been a major blow to the launch lineup of next generation consoles but with each new trailer that emerges, we get more insight into the version of Chicago built for the game and the scope of the virtual world that players will have access to come May 27.

The latest trailer is no different as it focuses on the "city of bold ambitions" with the help of a narrator to explain some of the features Ubisoft has added to their digital playground. For starters, we learn that the city is rendered by a new graphics engine built specifically for the game. It features rich dynamic lighting, weather and physics that affect every element of the game world to create a vivid city.

We already know that Watch Dogs is all about technology and connectivity but did you know that every single pedestrian in the game has a unique identity that reacts intelligently to the world around them? Much like our current society, everything and everyone is connected and you can hack into anyone's life.

That means that anyone, at any time, could be watching you or be hiding secrets.

Of course, your choices and actions have consequences. As the narrator describes, the police don't want a vigilante on the loose and the media will plaster your image all over the news. Your only option may be to head to the shady side of town for cover.

The game is looking a lot like a smarter version of Grand Theft Auto 5 in that you need to use skill and cover to succeed rather than brute force.