While previously there has been word of Google working on a new advanced feature set for its camera app on Android, a new report suggests sources close to the company say it's currently testing some of those updated features along with a completely refreshed interface. Among other things, Google is said to have a new depth of field feature, enhanced panorama and Photo Sphere options, as well as a new no-crop viewfinder, all said to be included in an upcoming update.

The enhanced viewfinder basically amounts to users getting exactly what they expected from a photo while lining it up, and the Photo Sphere and panorama modes have been improved to offer higher resolution shots. There will also be enhanced depth of field features with a new lens setting allowing for the blurry background style shots typically seen with other portrait focused apps like Refocus from Nokia, according to the sources.

Google is also said to be opening up its camera to third party devs, allowing them to create and import custom filters directly into the app.

Fortunately, users won't have to wait for the anticipated release of Android 4.4.3 in order to go hands on with the new feature set. According to the sources, Google plans to release the new camera features in a standalone update. When that will be is unknown at this point, but it sounds like non-Nexus owners with Android 4.4 should be able get their hands on it as well.