Live video streaming startup Livestream announced an app for Google Glass during the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas today. As the company's name suggests, the app will allow Glass users to stream their point of view live over the Internet in a move that's sure to elevate the privacy concern discussion to new heights.

After downloading and installing the app, all a Glass user needs to do to launch the app is say "Ok Glass, Livestream" then tap the side of the headset a single time. The entire process takes roughly five seconds.

As others have suggested, this is an exciting development for journalists, fans and advertisers alike as the usage scenarios are seemingly limitless. For example, a journalist could use the app to capture intense POV footage and get really close to the action as an event unfolds.

Sports fans have already enjoyed seeing the NBA's Sacramento Kings use Glass during warm-ups but imagine what it'd be like to see a live baseball, basketball or football game from a player's point of view. Advertisers could cash in as well by sponsoring some type of all-access pass for a concert or other entertainment event.

On the flip side, privacy advocates will no doubt be up in arms over the development. But then again, Livestream isn't the first to the dance as Google's own Hangouts app allows users to broadcast what they are seeing.