Samsung's Galaxy S5 may be the company's new flagship smartphone but how does it rate in terms of repairability? The professionals over at iFixit are already on the case and it's not exactly good news for would-be S5 owners.

We'll start with the good news: the battery is extremely easy to get to (simply pop off the rear cover). In fact, it's a required step as the battery ships separately and must be installed by the user from the get-go.

That's pretty much it for the good news as the entire display assembly must be removed in order to get to the innards. Doing so is risky in itself and requires multiple specialty tools - but be careful of the ribbon cable booby trap under the screen. One false move and you'll need to replace another part before you even get inside.

Once in, the team was a bit puzzled to find not one but two midframes. This meant even more digging to get to the heart of the device - or as they explained it, double the drop in repairability score.

Once you reach the motherboard and daughterboard, however, you're home free as a number of components like the cameras, headphone jack, vibrator motor and speakers are all modular and easy to replace.

Ultimately, however, the Galaxy S5 earned a repairability score of five out of 10 (10 being the easiest to repair). In summary, replacing anything other than the battery will require a good bit of effort and skill. Maybe signing up for handset insurance isn't such a bad idea after all?