Sonos has created an incredibly convenient speaker system that allows you to pump music wirelessly throughout your home but there's one small hitch: you need to have at least one speaker connected directly to your home router to make the magic happen. This can be avoided using the company's Bridge unit but that'll incur extra cost.

Fortunately, Sonos has a fix in the pipeline and it won't cost you any extra dough.

In a blog post on the matter, Sonos points out that wireless technology has improved over the last 10 years and they've found a way to deliver all of the benefits of their wireless network (SonosNet) without a product directly connected to your router. All you'll need post-update will be a speaker, a smartphone and your Wi-Fi password.

Sonos points out that all of the core functionality of SonosNet will remain intact. Even when several players are linked together as a group, they should still work perfectly in most circumstances. The company adds that some larger homes where all players are not in range of the Wi-Fi signal or other challenging network environments may still benefit from using the Sonos Bridge. Early testing, however, indicates most homes will work well with the new software solution.

Sonos promises to publish more about the update in the coming weeks pending the results of extensive real-world testing. In the interim, a Sonos Bridge or another Sonos speaker will still need to be connected directly to your router.