Google Glass is no doubt a hot gadget right now but even still, shelling out $1,500 on the headset sight unseen is a lot to ask. That’s why Google is now allowing some potential buyers to test out the array of frame styles and colors before committing to a purchase via a home try-on program.

First posted on Reddit, the home try-on program includes non-functioning Glass devices in charcoal, tangerine, shale and sky as well as all of the frames in the titanium collection in different colors. The samples in question are real Glass units that were simply returned for whatever reason.

As such, the USB port has been destroyed to prevent potential buyers from actually being able to use the devices. Strangely enough, a few of the kits that have been documented online did power up but none would boot into the OS. After all, Google can’t have people tempted to hang on to more than six grand worth of hardware.

A $50 hold will be put on your credit card that’s removed so long as you return the kit within 10 days and Google includes a prepaid shipping label to send it back. Some people that have called the number in the above invitation were able to request a try-on kit although others have been turned away – likely a change in policy to reflect the increased call volume.

Google is expected to ship a retail version of Glass later this year that’ll cost less than the current Explorer Edition price. How much, exactly, remains unknown at this time.