Much like the gaming console companies, Apple and Google are both aggressively hunting down exclusive titles for their respective mobile platforms. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, both companies appear to be ramping up pressure on major game publishers like Gameloft, EA and others, in order to score exclusive content for their mobile marketplaces.

While in the console world, reports say there is huge sums of money and other incentives passed on from the platform holders to major game makers in order to land exclusives, much like the Xbox One's Titanfall deal. But according to the Journal, money isn't exchanging hands in the mobile space, instead Apple offers up premium home page positioning which can relate to massive boosts in sales.

Titanfall will more than likely remain a console specific exclusive forever, but in some cases Google and Apple are getting windows of exclusivity much the way Towerfall appeared on the OUYA. Apple reportedly landed 3 months of exclusive rights on Plants vs. Zombies 2 from EA, but according to reports some developers would still rather appear on both Android and iOS over top positioning on a single platform's landing page.

As some have said in the past, the Journal mentions how these types of exclusive deals can bias the App Store's editorial picks. Where at one point the content chosen by Apple staffers would have been largely based on the quality of the content itself, there is likely a fair amount of influence injected via Apple's exclusive deals when it comes to which titles show up these days.

While this may seem a little disconcerting, for the most part Apple appears to be going after arguably quality content anyway, but it would still be nice to see smaller development projects receive the spotlight they deserve. Reports say Amazon will also be looking to score exclusives for its hardware, in many cases from the same sources Google and Apple have their sights set on.