Google has plans to offer public Wi-Fi in areas covered by its high-speed internet service, according to reports. The company sent out a letter to cities that are upcoming candidates for Google Fiber coverage which contained mention of its plans for Wi-Fi service.

The letter didn't go into detail regarding Google's Wi-Fi coverage, only stating that it would like to discuss the matter further along with the related city requirements. Currently Google Fiber is available in Provo, Utah, Kansas City, and soon, Austin, Texas. Now the company has issued the aforementioned letter to 34 additional cities asking for specific data regarding infrastructure, zoning information and possible locations for its main networking equipment.

While Google is yet to officially confirm any of this, the company already offers Wi-Fi service in about 7000 public locations and was previously reported to be expanding its US network. Previous reports even pointed at the company being very interested in becoming an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) on the heels of a large carrier like Verizon or Sprint. Neither its Wi-Fi or possible MVNO services boast much competition to nation wide carriers at the moment, but with the looming Google Fiber expansion, the company is certainly continuing in that direction.