Microsoft's first major wave of original programming is set to debut on June 13 under the banner Xbox Originals. The first 12 projects, which will be available for Xbox 360, Xbox One and other Microsoft devices, include a variety of subject matter that's sure to appeal to a wide array of users.

In addition to the previously announced documentary on the search (and subsequent discovery) of Atari E.T. games that were dumped in a landfill more than 30 years ago and a Halo-based show, Microsoft on Monday revealed a soccer themed mini-series called Every Street United, another Halo project described as a digital feature that'll debut this November and a detective thriller known as Gun Machine.

Other projects include a stop-motion series called Extraordinary Believers, a show based on the role-playing game Deadlands and an unscripted feature known as Fearless. A sci-fi drama dubbed Humans is set to launch in May 2015.

Microsoft is certainly taking a different approach with original content compared to rivals Amazon and Netflix. Where both of those companies were slow and cautions in their content rollout, Microsoft is diving right in with an attempt to cater to a wider audience. A lot of the content overlaps with what gamers might be interested in but that is to be expected when you consider Microsoft consoles will be the primary playback device.