Activision and Bungie have launched a new gameplay trailer for Destiny, the highly anticipated post-Halo sci-fi first-person shooter. Accompanying the trailer is a new pre-order bonus through GameStop that awards buyers with a special in-game transport vehicle.

The seven minute "Strike" trailer offers an extended look at the upcoming title but as The Escapist points out, there's isn't really anything that stands out as insanely awesome at this point. We're still several months out from the game's launch but based on what's been shown thus far, it all seems par for the course.

That may not be an issue for fans of the Halo franchise but we'll have to wait and reserve final judgment until after we get our hands on the game.

Those that do hop onboard the Destiny train and secure a pre-order, however, will be rewarded for their early support... so long as they do so through GameStop. The video games retailer has struck up a deal with the publisher to award loyalists with a custom in-game vehicle known as the Sparrow.

This modified machine features an upgraded boost, faster speed and higher durability compared to the standard model. It's unclear if the upgraded Sparrow will ultimately be available to all but at least initially, you'll need to pre-order to get it.

Destiny is headed to the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on September 9.