Samsung is offering up a complementary Ultra HD video pack to those willing to pull the trigger on their flagship 65-inch curved 4K resolution television. The bundle of films comes pre-loaded on the set's internal hard drive and includes five full-length films as well as three documentaries.

Set owners will receive Night at the Museum, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Counselor, GI Joe: Retaliation, World War Z, The Last Reef, Grand Canyon Adventure and Cappadocia.

Samsung's HU9000 65-inch curved 4K/Ultra HD TV is certainly no slouch as evident by its $4,500 price tag. It's also the same set that director Michael Bay attempted to introduce during the Consumer Electronics Show but ultimately walked off stage after the teleprompter failed.

Nevertheless, the 4K display features a resolution that is four times higher than traditional 1080p HD while the curved display offers up a better field of view by creating a panoramic effect to help the picture feel bigger.

In addition to the display itself, the set comes loaded with features like Ultra HD upscaling, precision black local dimming, auto depth enhancer and ultra clear panel technology.

Ultra HD is billed as the next big thing in television technology where other technologies like 3D ultimately failed to catch on with consumers. Pricing still remains high but that'll come down over time as more sets penetrate the market and 1080p is relegated to budget-minded sets.