3D printers like those from MakerBot are revolutionary devices that are already having a tremendous impact in fields such as engineering and among those with a flair for creativity. But is the traditional 3D printer as we know it today already obsolete?

3D printing pen makers like Lix sure think so. But, what exactly is a 3D pen anyway?

As the name suggests, a 3D printing pen is simply a pen that allows you to draw in three dimensions. It's similar to a traditional 3D printer in the fact that it melts and cools colored plastic but instead of programming a machine to do the work for you, a pen gives you the freedom to create whatever you want by drawing freehand.

The concept itself isn't totally new as 3Doodler lays claim to creating the first such device a little over a year ago. But where their device is a bit clunky and often described as more of a toy than a serious tool for creation, the Lix 3D pen that's now up for funding on Kickstarter is a sleek machine built with professionals in mind.

The Lix pen actually looks like a regular pen and is powered by a standard USB port on your computer. Its creators claim the device is perfect for making accessories, decoration pieces, fashion prototypes, arts and crafts, artistic jewelry and different forms of drawings.

Lix has already blown past their £30,000 funding goal with more than £200,000 pledged as of writing. Some of the early bird reward tiers are already gone so you'll need to shell out at least £82 (around $135) if you want one when they ship this December.