Intel has acquired its own Siri-like personal assistant software from Israeli company Ginger for as much as $30 million according to some estimates. Intel hasn't flat-out purchased the company entirely but instead hand picked its natural language processing tools and applications assets including a platform that allows companies to offer customized personal assistants.

As part of the deal, some of Ginger's key personnel will also make the shift over to Intel including up to 16 engineers associated with its natural language business. There are a few key individuals among those making the move including Yael Karov, Ginger's co-founder and Chief Scientist of its Personal Assistant business, and Micha Breakstone the VP of R&D in the same department. Breakstone is said to have been partly responsible for a summarizing app called Summly that was acquired by Yahoo.

The particular application in which Intel will put its new Ginger assets to work is not clear, and the company has not disclosed the official financial details of the deal. Various reports believe the acquisition to be in the $20 to $30 million range.

Ginger has largely been a company split in two by its English as a second language and Personal Assistant businesses, Intel only being interested in the latter. The chipmaker is not purchasing Ginger Software's intelligent grammar and spellchecking business, this part of the company will remain separate and operational as usual.