Square Wallet, the mobile wallet application from Square, has been yanked from the App Store and Google Play. It’s being replaced by a new app called Square Order which lets users order ahead and pay for items from coffee shops, cafes and other merchants that work with Square.

Square Wallet hit the scene roughly three years ago as an alternative to paying with cash or carrying around a debit card. Square had high hopes for the application but by pulling the app today, they’ve conceded something that many have known for quite some time: Square Wallet simply wasn’t able to attract enough users to remain viable.

With Square Order, the company is modifying their payment strategy a bit. The idea is that users will be able to place an order before they arrive at a café or a coffee shop and have it ready when they get there. It certainly seems more appealing to pop in and pick your order up rather than having to wait in line, place the order then wait while it’s made, no?

For Square and the businesses they partner with, the hope is that Square Order will lead to the acquisition of new customers.

Interestingly enough, Square Wallet will remain functional to those that already have and use it. It’s unclear how long the app will remain live although if something is already on the way out, I can’t imagine too many people would continue to use it.