In a surprising move yesterday, Google added PayPal, a competitor to the company's Wallet service, as a payment option in its Play Store. This means that Android users will now be able to purchase digital goods like apps, books, songs, TV shows, movies, and more with their PayPal account.

The option will initially be available in 12 countries including United States, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

To add it as a payment option, touch the drop down arrow from the purchase popup of an item and then click “Add PayPal”, after which you will be asked for login credentials.

The move not only highlights the popularity of PayPal, but can also be seen as an admission by the search giant that users are not comfortable using its own checkout service, probably because they don’t want to give the company even more personal information.

PayPal integration will help Google increase its revenue as nearly two-thirds of the company’s Play Store sales happen outside the US.

As of now, PayPal can be used to buy apps and other digital content only. You can't use it to purchase devices or accessories on Google Play or for other purchases that use Google Wallet outside of the Play Store.

Additionally, Google has also expanded its support for carrier billing, a service that lets you charge purchases directly to your phone bill and Google Play gift cards to 24 and 13 countries, respectively.

Developers based in 13 new countries can now sell apps on Google Play, bringing the total to 45 countries. The company has also increased buyer currency support to 28 new countries.