It turns out that Epic Games may have created an entirely new way into the market for professional and aspiring game developers alike when they made Unreal Engine 4 available to all via an affordable monthly subscription model earlier this year.

Crytek is now following suit by making its CryEngine technology available to anyone willing to sign up for one of three subscription models. Interested parties can pay $9.90 on a month-to-month basis, $9 flat each month for a three month commitment or $8.33 each month for those wanting to sign up for at least six months.

Each subscription includes full access to the latest build of the CryEngine and you'll even receive notifications regarding updates as well as instant access to graphical features and tools. Access is granted over Valve's Steam network and best yet, there's no royalty cut as with the deal from Epic Games so anything you earn from your CryEngine-created game is yours to keep.

The CryEngine has a storied past right up there with the Unreal Engine, having been responsible for games like Far Cry, Crysis, Ryse: Son of Rome and the upcoming title Evolve.

If you haven't noticed, you no longer have to be a professional developer to hammer out a quality game. The influx of mobile gaming, indie developers and crowd-funding campaigns has ensured that pretty much anyone that wants to make a game can do so. The latest moves by Epic Games and Crytek only help to further this paradigm shift.