Crytek makes CryEngine available to all with subscription model

Shawn Knight

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It turns out that Epic Games may have created an entirely new way into the market for professional and aspiring game developers alike when they made Unreal Engine 4 available to all via an affordable monthly subscription model earlier this year.

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I don't think it will work, Crytek, as it takes a bit more than just making your engine publicly available and cheap.

The idea behind Unreal 4 is all about making it a platform for third-party developers, that's why at the very core is a set of the most comprehensive tools for game developers, something Crytek cannot offer.

There are many videos out there that show how it works. Here's just one of them:


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I don't agree with you VitalyT. I think it is a nice step towards "something". Offcourse it will not just start beating the crap out of the unreal engine for many reasons. However I think it is a great opportunity for developer who likes the Far Cry settings and stuff and for developers with a small budget. I'm looking at a smaller picture. Looking at the big picture will have no use at this point.