ATI integrated chipsets for desktop and portable PCs should be shipping in the next few weeks, both versions will be packed with Radeon 9000 class graphics built-in.

Tablet PC demand lacking - Global sales of Tablet PCs have not been as strong as expected, and major Tablet PC vendors like Acer and HP have even experienced declining sales of the products.

Could You Be Sending Spam? (PCWorld article) Spammers are using new tools to hide the origin of their messages. Perhaps a good time to take a look to our Guide to Windows Online Security & Privacy that was posted yesterday.

Hewlett-Packard will launch a new line of business desktops containing Athlon processors. HP remains as one of AMD's key partners after Gateway and IBM have dropped AMD chips from their desktop lineups in recent years.

Nintendo ceases NES & SNES production? Noticed this over at the Shack, apparently the japanese manufacturer continued fabricating a small number of Famicom and Super Famicom consoles in Japan... after almost 20 years they will finally stop producing them.