During the UK launch of the Tesla Model S over the weekend, CEO Elon Musk revealed intentions to make the company's Supercharger recharging technology available to others in the industry. The idea is that if enough automakers sign up for the proposal, the Supercharger could become the industry standard for electric vehicle recharging.

It's a move that would allow rival electric cars to recharge using the same Supercharger network as Tesla's vehicles. But of course, it's not just as simple as signing EV makers up for the program and calling it a day.

As you may know, the Supercharger network is a key part of Tesla's business model. With each new Model S purchase, customers are given free recharges for life - it's factored into the overall cost of the car. Musk made it clear that other EV makers would need to offer this same type of business model if they want to join forces with Tesla.

What's more, sign-ups would need to pitch in and help with the costs associated to keep the Supercharger network up and running and cover a fair share of maintenance. These fees likely wouldn't be too expensive, however, as many Supercharger locations are powered by solar panels and are leased rent-free.

It's unclear at this point if any EV makers will take Musk up on his offer but if nothing else, it's encouraging to see Tesla willing to share its technology to further expand the practicality and viability of electric vehicles.