Google's wearable tailored OS, Android Wear, was announced back in March and today at I/O the company said the tech is both ready for the public and fully available to developers. While the platform has already been adopted by companies like Motorola and LG, developers were previously limited to a preview version of the SDK. 

Not only will the smartwatch OS support voice commands in a major way with "OK Google" and other search related commands, but it will link up with any smartphone running Android 4.3 or later with notifications and more. It is a more universally accessible option to other current smartwatch options for that reason, and will also support every Android app.

Developers will be able to tap into the power of Wear quite easily according to Google, allowing them to create custom features like voice tweeting and to build native apps that use a device's sensors and have more customized designs.

The OS will support watches with both a square face or a round one, and it looks like both options are coming available quite soon from LG, Motorola and Samsung. Google showed off the LG G watch we previously reported on, which features a square face and an always on-screen. As far as Google Play is concerned, the G works the way you would expect most Wear smartwatches will, by simply downloading apps through a connected smartphone.

The round faced Moto360 also made an appearance as well, but it is still expected to launch sometime this summer. Samsung's Gear Live smartwatch that runs Google Wear will be available to order later today on Google Play as well as the LG G watch according to Google.