Smart watches haven't exactly set the technology world on fire just yet but that isn't stopping company after company from trying to be the trendsetter. The latest entrant comes from LG in the form of the G Watch and while it's not here just yet, a promotional website from LG is singing its praises.

The site reveals many things a perspective buyer would want to know before pulling the trigger. In addition to showing off the watch from every angle using a 360-degree interactive image, we learn the wearable will be powered by Android Wear which is Google's brand new mobile operating system for wearables.

It's also water and dust resistant (LG didn't specify if it had earned an IP67 rating) and features a screen that never sleeps. The last bit seems handy enough - a watch that always tells time - although it could be a nuisance when trying to sleep unless an ambient light sensor dims it automatically.

In terms of overall design, the watch face doesn't look all that different from the current crop of smartwatches already on the market with its rectangular shape and beefy top and bottom bezels. The wrist strap is equally uninspiring as it comes in black or white in what appears to be a rubberized material. Watch aficionados will note that it isn't nearly as aesthetically pleasing as say, the Moto 360 recently unveiled by Motorola.

LG didn't divulge any hardware specifications nor do we know when the device will go on sale or at what price.