It's been almost two years since rumors about a purported iWatch began to emerge, and while Apple has never acknowledged the project, it's crazy to think a whole movement has emerged based on those rumors.

Google isn't shy to venture in new and often unexplored markets, from driverless cars to modular smartphones, high-tech glasses, Internet-emitting balloons, and more. While not as crazy as these, Android Wear represents another bet on what the company believes the future of mobile technology might look like and they're willing to lay the groundwork to get it started.

While the mere necessity of watches is debatable at a time when smartphones are omnipresent, for many they are more of a fashion statement than anything else. With that in mind, do you think Google is on to something with Android Wear? What are your thoughts on the designs and features of the Moto 360LG G watch and Samsung Gear Live so far?