The second generation Oculus Rift development kit was made available for pre-order back in March. Since that time, the Facebook-owned company has received more than 45,000 order for the $350 headset and now, those orders are finally beginning to leave the manufacturing facility and are making their way to distribution centers.

The first batch of Developer Kit #2 should start arriving by the week of July 14 according to a forum post on the matter. Oculus VR said they expect to ship roughly 10,000 from the factory this month with just over half of those heading to doorsteps before the end of the month.

Oculus VR promises that tracking numbers for all DK2s will be generated as soon as the shipment has been processed by the distribution center.

In the interim, the company urges everyone that pre-ordered a kit to make sure their shipping address is up to date on the Oculus Sales page. Naturally, if the information is incorrect or out of date, it could cause delivery delays. The same can also be said about payment information - make sure it's up to date.

As you may have already gathered, only 10,000 units leaving the factory this month means the odds of receiving your pre-order in the first batch aren't in your favor. Oculus said they are working to continue to ramp up production and will get through the queue as fast as they can.