The proverbial iPhone rumor mill is now in full swing as we inch closer to what'll likely be an early September debut for Apple's next flagship smartphone. Despite the Cupertino-based company's best efforts, however, they're seemingly once again unable to keep everything under wraps ahead of the big reveal.

A new video from YouTuber Marques Brownlee puts the rumored sapphire crystal display from the iPhone 6 through the paces to test its anti-scratch properties. The component reportedly came directly from Apple's assembly line although there is no direct evidence to support this claim aside from the panel being supplied by Sonny Dickson.

As you'll see, however, the 4.7-inch panel in question held up against key scratches as well as the tip of a knife. Even trying to bend the display in half was uneventful as it simply wouldn't snap under his own power.

The clip's host also mentions the extreme clarity and thinness of the panel. After repeated tries, the only markings he was able to leave on the panel were fingerprints.

As the clip explains, sapphire crystal has a number of advantages over the toughened Gorilla Glass found on many phones today. But above all else, it's an extremely high quality material that is also very durable.

The component certainly looks the part in the video but if nothing else, perhaps it confirms that the sapphire crystal display won't be limited to the 5.5-inch model as was previously rumored.