Most experts would agree that health and fitness tracking is poised to be the next big thing in technology. But aside from the myriad of smartwatches and fitness bands already available, what's left to reinvent really? Scientists at GE Global Research think they've come up with an answer.

Based in upstate New York, the research team is working on a device that uses microwaves to estimate the number of calories in food by measuring fat and water content as well as weight. The device assumes that the rest of the food, stuff like protein, sugar and carbs, have a predefined number of calories and lumps them together.

The end result, at least at this stage of development, is a device that has been able to accurately guess the calorie count with a variation of just five to 10 percent. Of course, keep in mind that we're talking about a non-production demo at this point.

Ultimately, GE would like to create a consumer device in which you can stick a plate of food in and get a quick reading. The company even provided a concept image of what such a gadget may look like although I imagine it isn't out of the question to see them license the technology to other appliance makers for inclusion in their wares as well.

No word yet on when a production model will hit store shelves or a target price point.