The former Google executive responsible for leading the development of Glass is now employed by Amazon. Babak Parviz, an electrical engineer by trade, first posted about his new position over the weekend on Google+ which was later confirmed via e-mail with CNET.

In a message to the publication, Parviz said his last day with Google was Friday and he has already started his new role at Amazon. He added that the primary reason for the move was being excited about what they might accomplish at Amazon.

Parviz joined the search giant in 2010. In addition to leading the Google Glass team, he also helped to develop a contact lens that can monitor glucose levels. The eyewear, which doesn't restrict eyesight, takes glucose readings twice every second and sends the data to an external monitoring device using radio frequencies.

His departure isn't entirely surprising given the fact he was replaced by fashion veteran Ivy Ross as the team lead for Glass back in May. Ross was brought in to help primarily with styling as Glass isn't exactly known for being fashion friendly.

Glass may need more than a new fashion designer to survive, however. The wearable - once touted as hip and futuristic - has seemingly fallen off Google's radar. It was a virtual no-show at this year's I/O conference which is a bit telling.

Parviz's role at Amazon wasn't disclosed although he will likely find a spot working in the company's hardware division.