"It's not magic, but close to it." That's the tagline for Vessyl, a smart cup that can analyze and identify drinks poured into it. The device made headlines last month when it went up for pre-order but now, the Yves Behar-designed product is receiving attention for quite a different reason.

Stephen Colbert set aside a few minutes of his show recently to talk about Vessyl. If you're familiar with the comedian, it's pretty easy to get an idea of where the sketch was headed from the get-go.

Colbert was quick to poke fun at the smart cup for its ability to tell how many calories are in a drink, or as he put it, a level of information that was previously available only on the can you just poured it out of. The funnyman also referenced the use of Silicon Valley buzzwords in the product's promotional video and even pitched his own complementary product, Toylyte. 

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