Windows 9, codenamed internally at Microsoft as 'Threshold', is still a while away from hitting even the release candidate stage, but that hasn't stopped some fresh images of the operating system leaking out.

Screenshots from MyCE show build 9795 of what's currently still labeled as Windows 8.1. The most interesting thing in the screenshot is an early version of the Start menu, which is expected to return in Windows 9. The new Start menu shows both Modern apps and desktop apps in a hybrid pane, building on the last iteration of the Start menu we saw in Windows 7.

Visually it's quite similar to the sneak peak we saw at Build in early April, and no doubt Microsoft will tweak and improve its design in the lead up to the release of Windows 9.

Also shown in the leaked screenshots is one of the 'Metro'-style apps running in a window on the desktop; another feature expected to be included in Windows 9. Alongside the return of the Start menu, this feature is designed to make the operating system more friendly for keyboard and mouse users.

According to the latest rumors, Microsoft will launch Threshold in early 2015 as both a standard x86 version, and a version that combines Windows RT and Windows Phone. Major improvements to the Xbox One's operating system are also set to launch at the same time.