Start menu showed off in leaked Windows 9 images


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Windows 9, codenamed internally at Microsoft as 'Threshold', is still a while away from hitting even the release candidate stage, but that hasn't stopped some fresh images of the operating system leaking out.

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[Insert typical negative comment here about Windows X or Microsoft because I'm a stuck up consumer]

But in all seriousness, if they can listen to their desktop customer base and rethink what they thought would work best to fit what people want, good for them. I never really cared much about it, the only things that bugged me about Windows 8 were the things that didn't work.. not the things that were replaced by something else...


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The best part ... is by the time M$ brings the Start Menu back ... no one is going to want it anymore!
...except me, loyal Microsoft fan. :)

I hope if Microsoft would charge for the windows 9 'update' it would be in the 14.99$-29.99$ price range. I'd be twice as happy if it is free again for legit windows 8.x users.


For me, Ubuntu is becoming more and more of an option. I have used it in the past but have always returned to Windows for certain programs. The main one being Visual Studio, however now that I've quit my job as a programmer and started my own business in an unrelated field... well I haven't used VS in almost a year. I could definitely switch to a Linux distro. Currently I am still very happy with Windows 7 though.


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Its just sad really. The bold determination to mix'n'match elements that belong exclusively in a tablet world with elements that belong on a desktop.

I see no point whatsoever in allowing "Metro" applications to run on the desktop. How do these differ from a regular Windows 7 application other than that have been crippled by an excruciatingly painful repulsive UI that assumes everybody is running Windows 8 on a 386-SX CPU? I also see no reason for 4-bit color themes with square corners everywhere other than to extend battery life for those using tablets.

Windows 9 - still treating everybody as a clone. Still 1 operating system to rule them all. What's to distinguish one version from another if not by looks?

They should have built Windows 8 from the top to the bottom. Instead they built it from the bottom to the top. What a disaster. And it appears they haven't learned their lesson yet. *sigh*, Okay Microsoft, you want me to hold out until Windows 10? No problem. I am still on Windows 7 now. I sat Windows 8 out. Im patiently waiting on Windows 9. And I can do the same until Windows 10. In other words...

I am the consumer. I will tell you what I want. You will not tell me what I want. I will NOT accept square corners and 4-bit colors. It's a blatant ******* insult to the POWER of MY SYSTEM!!!

Build Windows 9(10) from the top down you dumb bastards. Your killing desktop users for no reason. What the **** ever happened to scalability in an OS? Why make everybodys life miserable? One operating system for all devices is a ******* pipe dream you *****s.

If anybody truly believes that tech bloggers did destroy the reception of Windows 8...put on your seat belts. My fingers are going to be sore with blisters for the next 3 years after the "Threshold" release if this piece of Frankenstein crap doesn't improve really fast. I am gonna crucify Windows 9 for

**** = fruity
******* = flippin
Feel free to insert your own adjectives as well.
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Finally a start menu. Microsoft should have never left that formula. Not many PC users have a touch screen so having the smart phone menu was plain stupid. I guess MS will make one good one (XP) one bad one (Vista) one good one (Seven) one bad one (Eight) so here's to the next good one (Nine).


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Stardock had all this ever since Windows 8 came: The menu (Start8), running apps in window (ModernMix), organizing desktop (Fences), and more.

They all cost very little, but do finer job than Windows 8 itself.


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Thats a start menu... looks like a pile of turd crawling out from under the floor boards.

Is microsoft seriously thinking about giving customers that... it looks like someone went on mspaint.exe & started doing a metro & start menu then failed entirely on the functionality part...
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If they stay with this opening, it will fail the same as 8. It appears they want a way to force their brand of items to sell on you instead of providing a good reliable user friendly system!


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Thats a start menu... looks like a pile of turd crawling out from under the floor boards.

Is microsoft seriously thinking about giving customers that... it looks like someone went on mspaint.exe & started doing a metro & start menu then failed entirely on the functionality part...
Right it looks like crap because it's totally the final shipping product, right?


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I don't like the looks of it, I guess it's not as bad as full screen metro ****. You will probably be able to change the tiles so you can set it up to look similar to Windows 7 start menu shortcut order.


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History repeats itself:

Windows 3.11 and 95 was great for their time. Then came Windows 98 and it was also great. Then MS brought us Millennium, which was horrible. Then came XP (2000 was for the pro market), which was a huge improvement over 98 and Millennium. Then came Vista, a huge disappointment. then came Win 7, which again was great, then came 8 and a huge disappointment. Then came 9, a great... We'll have to see.

So we see this since 98: good, bad, good, bad, good, bad. Let's hope the trend stays true for 9.
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I'd like to know what happens when I click the settings button in the new start menu... will it open a window like the old control panel like I'd expect it to or will I get the fullscreen crap out of Windows 8?


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Looks alright to me. Baked in to Windows 9 means group policies for Enterprise management which was my biggest gripe with the loss of the start "menu" and the move to the start "screen" since it didn't scale well with lots of applications (we have over 200 with random education apps - University here).

Im using Windows 8 at the moment and I don't miss the start button as such - I can right click in the corner and it gives me a rather handy power user menu and the search works fast if I can remember what the app is that I am looking for. What was silly is removing the start menu completely. Its like Ferrari deciding it wasn't going to do cars in red anymore. Yes, you could get it sprayed later (Start8 anyone?) or you could take the line that the green is as good if not better than the red anyway. But really as a consumer you want choices. Companies either think we are too stupid to make our own decisions or they don't want to spend the money to develop them.

Its probably the second one..