Speaking in an earnings call today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has confirmed that in the next version of Windows, the company will amalgamate the current three versions of Windows into the one operating system.

Nadella said that the one operating system will cover all screen sizes, ranging from desktops and laptops, to tablets and smartphones. While he didn't specify what this version of Windows is called, previous rumors have indicated it goes by the codename 'Threshold', effectively making it Windows 9.

It was also revealed that Microsoft has internally restructured the company since the departure of Steve Ballmer, with Nadella saying the company now has "one team with a common architecture".

While the next version of Windows will be a singular operating system, it'll still be sold in different versions, some with a subset of the features to suit the particular device. For example, it's expected that the Windows Phone and Windows RT versions of Threshold will not include the desktop, but will run universal Windows apps also available for desktop systems.

The latest rumors claim Windows 9 will launch in early 2015. One of the features that will make a comeback for desktop users is the Start menu, recently pictured in leaked screenshots. Nadella said there will be more announcements surrounding future versions of Windows in the coming months, but didn't go into detail.