Comcast has launched a new service for college kids that'll allow them to stream live television and on-demand programming to their smartphones, tablets and notebooks while connected to campus Wi-Fi.

Such a service will likely benefit students in more ways than one. With the ability to watch on a mobile device, incoming students will no longer need to worry with hauling a TV with them to their dorm. And with 80 live channels on tap, it'll likely be more content than they'd otherwise get going through the school's telecommunications department (such was the case when I was in school).

Students can also upgrade to a selection of premium channels including HBO, Showtime, STARZ and sports entertainment packages for an additional fee. Comcast also said they plan to offer a cloud-based DVR to students in the near future.

Xfinity on Campus won't cost students any additional money as it is being included in each student's room and board fees.

It's a smart move for Comcast, especially in today's day and age where many teens are perfectly content with using on-demand services like HBO GO, Hulu Plus and Netflix to fulfill their television watching needs. The cable provider is no doubt hoping to convert some college viewers to paying customers once they've graduated.

Comcast has been quietly testing the service at Emerson College and Drexel University for several months. For this fall, the service is being expanded to Bridgewater College, Lasell College and the University of Delaware with several other schools trialing the program with students this fall.