Google's voice search functionality is handy for many people, especially considering the more than 50 languages and dialects it supports. According to the search giant, more than half the world's population speaks two or more different languages, and now it is adding new functionality to further accommodate multilingual individuals

With the Google search app for Android, users can now search in multiple languages at once without having to dig through the settings menu to flip back and forth manually. With a quick, one-time change, users can pick up to 5 languages to voice search with simultaneously. For example, users can input a basic search in one language and then immediately fire off a text message to a friend in another. 

The company notes that only one language per sentence can be used for now but that additional features/languages will be added over time. The company also says that whether or not users receive spoken responses will depend on the particular language and search query.

The feature is only available on the Google search app for Android (version 3.6) at this point. To set-up the five languages option, open your Google settings and head to Search & Now/Voice/Languages.