If you’ve been reading the news recently you might be forgiven for thinking that Windows Phone is in a very dire situation, and that Microsoft could even abandon it in the near future. IDC, for instance, reported that Microsoft’s mobile OS saw a somewhat significant decline in the number of phones shipped last quarter and consequently saw a decline in global marketshare.

Based on the same data, a number of major publications such as The Wall Street Journal, started claiming that not only was Windows Phone essentially dead – with other “financial investment” websites telling Microsoft to kill off the OS – but that there simply is no place for a third phone platform in the market.

Operating System 2Q14 Shipment Volume 2Q14 Market Share 2Q13 Shipment Volume 2Q13 Market Share Growth
Android 255.3 84.7% 191.5 79.6% 33.3%
iOS 35.2 11.7% 31.2 13.0% 12.7%
Windows Phone 7.4 2.5% 8.2 3.4% -9.4%
BlackBerry 1.5 0.5% 6.7 2.8% -78.0%
Others 1.9 0.6% 2.9 1.2% -32.2%
Total 301.3 100% 240.5 100% 25.3%

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