2K previously announced the original BioShock title would be making its way to iOS devices this Summer, and now the game is available for download. This is a full port of the 2007 PC classic and while the visuals have obviously been scaled down to meet Apple's requirements, all reports say the iOS version stays true to the original.

BioShock was in some ways considered to be a groundbreaking first person shooter, with its moody atmosphere, interesting gameplay mechanics and deep storyline. As for the iOS version, you'll find all the incredible locations, along with the plasmid system and the complete storyline you remember from the original release.

2K has implemented some of the usual features to make things easier for those using touch controls like auto-aim and larger hit boxes on enemies. However, reports suggest it is going to be difficult to play for hardcore PC and console gamers without a Bluetooth controller of some kind. 

Creator Ken Levine and his Irrational development studios may have packed up for good, but it seems as though the iOS version is a great way to re-live the first trip to Rapture. Available for download now, it is going to cost you $14.99 to take the plunge on iPhone or iPad.