One of the more popular video games of the last several years is going mobile. Publisher 2K Games revealed on Twitter this morning that the original BioShock is coming to iOS devices later this summer.

The port, being handled by 2K China (the same team responsible for bringing XCom: Enemy Unknown to iOS), is said to be an almost seamless replay of the original console game.

In terms of graphics, things had to be scaled down just a touch to fit within Apple's 2GB size limit and ensure smooth performance on current mobile hardware. As such, things like fog and dynamic shadows have been taken out of the equation although those omissions may go unnoticed once you dig deep enough into the storyline.

Polygon recently spent some hands-on time with the port and found the best experience comes by playing on the iPad with a Bluetooth controller. The touch controls, on the other hand, evoked a bit of frustration and made tasks like moving, aiming and shooting more difficult.

To help adapt the title to mobile, the developer has bumped up the auto aim a little and increased the size of the hit box.

2K Games has yet to announce a price or firm release date although production assistant Ben Holschuh said gamers can expect to see it hit the App Store later this summer with a "premium" price tag attached. The aforementioned XCom debuted at $19.99 which could be the same launch price for BioShock.