Intel has revealed a luxury smart bracelet aimed specifically at women. Dubbed My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA), the wearable is designed by fashion retailer Opening Ceremony and engineered by Intel, which first announced its plans to develop a smart bracelet at this year's CES.

The cuff-style bracelet has a 1.6-inch curved, sapphire glass touchscreen that sits at the bottom of the wrist, capable of displaying notifications from your smartphone, push SMS messages, calendar reminders, and meeting alerts. The device also features a 3G cellular radio, meaning you can use it without pairing it to a smartphone paired, and can be charged either via USB or wirelessly.

The MICA will be officially unveiled at Opening Ceremony's spring/summer 2015 show this Sunday during New York Fashion Week, and will be available at their stores and at high-end retailer Barney's stores later this year.

"We wanted something that felt luxurious and modern that could fit into the lives of many different women", Opening Ceremony co-founder Humberto Leon said. The MICA bracelet will come in black or white snakeskin designs with pearls and other stones from Madagascar, South Africa and Russia.

Intel isn't revealing anything in terms of pricing yet, but Cnet is reporting that the device will be priced under $1,000. The company plans to provide more details on the bracelet's capabilities in October.

Intel is not the only company attempting to push wearables into the fashion space; back in June, Google also collaborated with fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg to release a stylish line of frames that attach to Google Glass.