House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has strongly come out in support of net neutrality, asking the FCC to ban so-called "Internet fast lanes" by regulating broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II.

"I oppose special Internet fast lanes, only open to those firms large enough to pay big money or fraught enough to give up big stakes in their company", the California Democrat said in a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, adding that the Title II is an appropriate tool to refine modern rules, and will prevent the agency from overburdening broadband providers.

Pelosi also noted that Title II designation would not only let the FCC better prevent fraud on people's bills, but would also allow the agency to ensure that Web-based phone and video calls "and other data will reach their destination without interference". She also insisted that net neutrality rules should apply to wireless carriers too.

Although many other lawmakers including Al Franken, Ed Markey, and more have already voiced their support for net neutrality, Pelosi is the highest ranking democrat, and her position will definitely put more political pressure on Wheeler. However, if the FCC goes ahead and uses the Title II option, the move will likely not go down well with large internet companies, which have strong lobbying force in Washington.

The agency is currently accepting public comments on its proposal for new rules on net neutrality, and the period for reply comments on the proposal closes next Monday.

Meanwhile, a few industry players including Netflix, Reddit, Mozilla, Wordpress, KickStarter, and more, are planning a symbolic Internet Slowdown day tomorrow, so as to let people know what the slow lane will feel like.