The Atari E.T. cartridges that were recently dug up in a New Mexico landfill after more than 30 years are will soon be auctioned off. According to reports, the cartridges are being auctioned off by the City of Alamogordo after a recent City Council vote. The cartridges legally belong to the city of Alamogordo and will be sold off on eBay and the council's website.

The cartridges were buried out in the New Mexico desert after the game industry collapse in 1983 and following the game's extremely poor reception. It is considered by some to be the worst video game ever made after being rushed through development to release alongside Spielberg's Oscar nominated 1982 film.

The city will only auction off around half off the found cartridges. The remaining 500 or so, will either be kept as mementos or donated to various museums globally. 

For those interested, we will get more details on the dig via the upcoming Microsoft-backed documentary series, which appears to still be in the works despite studio closures. News hit that Microsoft was closing its Xbox Entertainment Studios, but reports suggest it shouldn't have an effect on the Signal to Noise series set to detail Atari and its infamous E.T title.