I don't think anyone would argue that the Oculus Rift is leading the current virtual reality movement. The fact that it still doesn't have a consumer release date is a bit frustrating for anxious gamers but it's doing little to deter developers from creating innovative games and experiences for the device. Once such example is an indie game called Black Hat Oculus currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Created by Team Future, Black Hat Oculus is described as a two-player cooperative stealth game. One player (Hammer) uses an Oculus Rift to navigate through a deadly virtual world filled with all sorts of traps and agents set on spoiling your run.

The other player (Spice) is tasked with helping Hammer complete each mission through the use of clever hacks and the like. Spice doesn't wear a visor and can see obstacles and other hazards that aren't visible to the Rift wearer. As you can imagine, teamwork is absolutely critical for success.

It's certainly a unique take on the Oculus Rift and one that has a lot of potential. The team is only asking for $4,200 to get the game up and running but there are several reasonable stretch goals that could make it much more accessible (and better). For example, the game is currently limited to local co-op but true multiplayer support would be possible if the team meets a stretch goal of $8,200.

As of writing, the campaign is roughly $1,300 away from being funded. A $10 donation will get you a DRM-free copy of the game and a key on Steam should they be green-lit while beta access can be yours for a $50 pledge.

The game is expected to be complete and in the hands of backers by February 2015.