While Twitter's short hand posts can offer up useful information, sometimes it can be difficult to parse through the constant stream of blurbs. Applications like TweetDeck can help to organize the accounts we follow and earlier this year we heard about Dataminr for News that identifies and collates breaking news stories on Twitter.

Dataminr, which was developed in partnership with Twitter, claims it parses through more than 500,000,000 public tweets every single day to collect and organize the newest and most pertinent news stories. It is an enterprise application designed for newsrooms to keep an eye on Twitter happenings without staying glued to a feed: "Journalists don't have to watch a stream of information - the most actionable Tweets find them, including the ones they don't know they're looking for." 

Outside of basic curation, the service adds helpful data to news tweets as well. Datminr feeds also include additional data about news stories including estimated location, among other things. Journalists can also set up personal alerts and customize their feed by region or topic. Dataminr will offer up alerts directly inside the application, on email, instant messagers and/or "integration into internal systems."

Initially tested out at CNN, the service is now live and is available via TweetDeck integration and a stand alone application. Other newsrooms including those at BBC, The Weather Channel, USA Today and more have already adopted Datminr's handy Twitter news curation.