Not much is officially known about this month's upcoming Microsoft event. While the company has teased us by saying it will cover "what's next for Windows and the enterprise," Microsoft has generally been tight lipped about details. While information leaks for events of this nature come from all sorts of different sources, it seems Microsoft couldn't stop itself from dropping some key details ahead of September 30th.

At a recent press event, the President of Microsoft France, Alain Crozier, said the company will be releasing "Windows 9" in the next few days. According to reports the full statement went as follows: "Last year we had Windows 8. In the next few minutes, the next few days, we'll be releasing Windows 9," Crozier said.

As you likely imagined, Microsoft has since recanted Crozier's words in hopes to save some surprises for next week. The company's director of marketing and operations division in France gave a statement saying "We look forward to seeing you in late September, in San Francisco, for the future of Windows, which actually at this stage does not have a name as such." 

While it is certainly possible Microsoft will use a different name and that Crozier simply misspoke, many are suggesting that given the nature of his position at the company, the information may very well be reliable. Previous rumors suggested a different name would be used, but only time will tell now if Microsoft has changed its branding for the newest iteration of Windows.