Microsoft has issued invitations to members of the press to attend a media event on September 30 in San Francisco. The tagline for the event reads, "Join us to hear about what's next for Windows and the enterprise" which pretty much guarantees that we'll get out first official glimpse of Windows 9 "Threshold."

Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson will be tasked with leading the discussion at the event, we're told, which will focus on enterprise and power users.

The rumor mill once again comes through as the September 30 date was pegged back in August. Sources also indicated at the time that they expect Microsoft to release a technical preview of Windows 9 either at the conclusion of the press conference or shortly thereafter.

Windows 9 has been one of the worst kept tech secrets of 2014 as we've enjoyed a steady stream of leaks for nearly a year now. Just a few days ago, a pair of German tech sites published close to two dozen screenshots from the technical preview of Windows 9.

The screens showed a number of incoming features but perhaps the biggest of all is the return of the Start Menu. Microsoft omitted it in Windows 8, a decision that the Redmond-based company probably regretted almost immediately as the backlash from end-users was heard loud and clear.

Most expect Microsoft to ship the final build of Windows 9 sometime next year.