Few things in gaming are more frustrating than trying to play the latest AAA title on launch day. More often than not, it ends up being an exercise in patience as traffic predictably overloads the game's servers which in turn prevents you from being able to play with your friends (or in some cases, at all).

The general consensus among gamers is that companies are well aware that their servers won't hold up under the load of launch day but the bean counters - those in the company that only care about money - won't allow them to spend the extra funds for additional servers ahead of time. 

During a recent interview with Game Revolution during the 2014 Tokyo Game Show, Battlefield Hardline creative director Ian Milham was asked about the launch stability of the game. The question didn't surprise him and yes, he said the game is going to work on launch day.

Milham pointed out that they began working on the game more than a year before Battlefield 4 came out. What's more, they've already had one successful beta and plan to have another beta on every platform they ship on.

While he did admit that there may be some hiccups due to the size of the game and the fact that it'll arrive on five different platforms, he is very confident that Hardline will be devoid of any major issues.

Could EA actually set precedent with Battlefield Hardline in which other companies must answer to? You know, where the norm is to actually get enough servers ready for a game's launch ahead of time? It's hard to tell by Milham's comments as he seems to be focusing more on the game itself instead of the infrastructure that'll be needed to support multiplayer.