I've long been a Samsung smartphone user, previously owning the Galaxy S2, S3, Note II and Note 3. I became accustomed to the way Samsung presented their devices both in terms of hardware and software and that worked for me for the most part. Where it didn't work I knew I could customize the look and feel to my liking, after all customisation is what Android is all about.

I was eager to check out the Note 4 or possibly the Note Edge, but ultimately they didn't live up to my personal expectation of what I wanted in my next handset. Enter the Xperia Z3... It looked excellent on paper and was the first time a Sony smartphone grabbed my interest, fond memories of my ancient Sony CMD J5 flashed through my mind.

I wasn't fussed about it not having a 2K resolution screen like the LG G3, having held that device I found it to be too big and plasticky and while the screen was something to behold I didn't feel it offered a significant step away from the Note 3. I wanted a genuine upgrade from that phablet without sacrificing too much of why I loved it which, let's not beat around the bush, is still a powerhouse of a handset against current flagships.

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